Monday, January 14, 2013


So, a couple of things I need to face and accept.  Number one is, to get myself back into the zone I need to be in to get healthier and lose weight, I NEED TO LOG MY FOOD.  That is the ONLY successful way I know of to be mindful of what I am eating and not mindlessly stuff my face with god knows how many empty calories.

Number two is, I am going to just have to deal with being hungry at times.  I saw the Anti-Jared write about this recently in his status and he's right.  When you are first starting out, as I feel like I am right now after being off the wagon for so long, you WILL be hungry a lot, and I just need to learn to make myself face it.  Because being a fat spoiled American I honestly don't even know the true meaning of hunger anyway.  And my body is such a brat, wanting to be fed delicious meals every time I get the notion I might be hungry.  Time to teach this body that it answers to ME, and I am not a slave to its whims.  I will get my appetite under control by being mindful.