Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Honing in on weaknesses!

Here's another Kaizen post, I just wanted to post it here to keep my blog updated.

This morning I feel inspired to write about what I'm doing different now as compared to weight loss efforts in the past. I have gone deeper than merely counting calories and working out---those things are extremely important for me, of course, but there is more to it than that. I have carefully examined my habits, tried to look at my behavior as objectively as possible, and I have managed to identify a couple of weak areas that I have honed in on and am attempting to strengthen. That should close the gaps and help ensure my lifestyle change is permanent.

The main weakness I see in my efforts has always been my struggle to get my motivation back after a hiatus. For example, I just went on vacation. I got back on a Sunday night, took Monday off work to recuperate, and normally I'd feel incredibly frazzled, tired, and unorganized, so I'd end up eating fast food/takeout for the remainder of that week, and tell myself I'd just wing it until the weekend when I could get myself re-organized. Then the weekend would come, and by then I'd have been off my diet/exercise plan for not only the four days I was on vacation but an additional four days afterward because I simply did not feel "prepared" to resume my healthy lifestyle. Problem is, by the time the weekend would arrive, I'd be 8 days out from the last time I exercised or cooked a healthy meal, and that for me is very dangerous territory. That's a long enough time for my motivation to damn near completely disintegrate. Meaning there would be a very good chance I may not get back on the wagon that weekend, or the following week, or even anytime that month. It could be months before I try again. All sorts of psychological stuff plays into it...guilt, regret, hopelessness, exhaustion. And those feelings just make me want to, guess what? Eat more junk. Sleep more. Get less exercise.

Soooooooooooooo, what I did differently this time was force myself to immediately get back on the wagon as soon as I returned to work yesterday. Right back to logging my food. Right back into the gym. I made myself do it and of course it did require some sheer will because believe me, I would have much rather ate pizza for lunch and skipped the gym. But what I decided to do instead was use my will power while I still CAN, while I'm still only four days out from the last time I lived my healthy lifestyle, before all those feelings of regret and hopelessness take hold of me and make it even harder to resume. I consider this a weak muscle that I am strengthening. I figure each time I go on a vacation or have some reason to skip the gym and eat off my diet for a few days, it will get easier to hop right back on track.

You have to use your will power when you have enough of it to make a difference, and not wait until it has dwindled down to nothing. A body in motion stays in motion, and a body at rest stays at rest. So I'm done making it harder on myself than it has to be.

Sorry this was so long!! I will write more about other weaknesses I'm honing in on later, because I already wrote y'all a damn novel. Much love and happy Hump Day! I'll be going to the gym tonight to do the resistance machines for 30 minutes followed by 50 minutes of ZUMBA! (My first time, I'm nervous but I'll get through it!)